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     Sales personnel    [2014-10-27 13:57:14]
    Place:  zhangjiagang,Jiangsu
    Salary:  2500-3000
    Number:  3
    Sex:  Unlimited
    Age:  20-35
    Job Description:

    1. College degree or above, foreign trade / e-commerce work experience more than 1 years;

    2. Proficient in Alibaba network operation platform, proficient in a variety of network marketing tools of electronic commerce;
    3. Love sales work, love the product marketing, professionalism and high sense of responsibility, work actively, diligent steadfast;
    4. Good occupation accomplishment and the occupation ethics, good written and verbal ability;
    5. Work rigorous, honest, good character, strong affinity, strong understanding, communication ability;
    6. Mainly responsible for the development of network marketing, development and maintenance of the domestic and foreign customers.