supply stain finish pipe stainless steel

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  • Brand:    FangLing
  • Type:    6mm-76.2mm
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We can produce according to the usual standard, also can according to customer requirements of different use of the product, the formulation of the technical index and the special production process, the hardness of dimensional tolerance, and control and inner hole surface roughness, the maximum extent to meet the needs of customers.

1. Production standards: ASTM A450, ASTM A554, ASTM A269

2. Commonly used stainless steel grades: ferrite

TP409/409L, TP430, 443, 439,436; TP201, 202, TP304, TP304L, 316L.

3. Production capacity: 1000 tons / year

4. Specification range: 9.5MM-76MM.

5. Wall thickness: 0.4MM-2.0MM.

6. Areas of application: Automotive Engineering, aerospace, Chuwei home, pipe structure, printing textile etc..

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