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high precision astm stainless steel welded pipe

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  • Brand:    FangLing
  • Type:    6mm-25mm
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1. ASTM A269 production standards, enterprise standards

2. Commonly used stainless steel material: TP 304, TP 321, TP 316L, and TP 309S, TP 310S

Other stainless steel materials: 202,302, INCOL 800,840,825

3. Usage and applications: all kinds of metal tube heater, hot runner, thermostat, heating apparatus, air conditioning, refrigerators and other household appliances, heating etc.

4. Specification range: outer diameter 6mm-23mm, wall thickness 0.4mm-1.5mm

5. Tolerance range: diameter: + 0.1mm, wall thickness: + 10%, length: -0/+6mm

6. Length: according to customer requirements.

7. Product advantages: surface polishing and fine, uniform wall thickness tolerance, precision etc.

8. Production capacity: 800 tons

9. General delivery product status: bright / annealing

Our advantage:

Careful selection of raw materials and reliable stainless steel

The solution for customers tailored pipeline scheme

Solid weld, pipe can be more flexible

Specifications complete, covers almost all electric industry tube need

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