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medical equipment of stainless steel tube

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  • Brand:    FangLing
  • Type:    6mm-76.2mm
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1. Production standards: ASTM A269, enterprise standard

2. The commonly used stainless steel material: TP304, TP316L

Other options for the material: 201,202,310s, 321

3. Main application and field of use: refrigeration equipment, evaporator, gas liquid delivery, condenser, beverage machine

4. The general delivery pipe state: half hard / soft bright annealing

5. Specifications range: outer diameter 6mm-20mm, wall thickness: 0.40mm-1.5mm

6. Tolerance range: diameter: + 0.1mm, wall thickness: + 10%, length: -0/+6mm

7. Length: according to customer requirements.

8. Product advantages: surface polishing and fine, uniform wall thickness, tolerance precision etc..


The company has the bending, stretching, saw cutting, stamping, polishing and so on a series of processing equipment and processing technology, for the customer to produce all kinds of stainless steel pipe, bar products. We have accumulated the development of hundreds of kinds of stainless steel products, widely used in bathroom pendant, hanger accessories, hardware, and condensation water heating equipment, hotel supplies and so on. our company sincerely hope that domestic and foreign customers to provide drawings or samples.

After bright annealing, surface polishing and fine

The internal and external wall cleaning clean, no pollution

The food grade test, suitable for drinking water, cooling pipe beverage

Surface polishing is exquisite, can according to customer requirements, the laser to spurt the code.

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